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Reali-Twitch Reali-Twitch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cool, thanks for using my audio

Gotta give the sound a 10, lol
I'd say very violent, yeah

Magosis responds:

Heh, yea I felt the song fit with the abstract randomness is was going for. also it's a very cool song nice work on your part

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Illuminatis Everywhere Illuminatis Everywhere

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting indeed. Starts of with a strange dissonant vocal. Then goes to a pretty good buildup, that I think was a bit anti-climatic after about 1:00. 2:20 reminds me a bit of Martin Gerrix 'Animals' which was pretty neat.

Overall the song needs a lot more going on, which is just my opinion. There was still a bit of catchyness to it though.

etK responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, it helps, truly!

-:: Prometheus ::- -:: Prometheus ::-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm always hooked on plucked intros like this. Then boom! it becomes epic and quite quickly at that. I can't believe the ups and downs so far. Then you introduced a completely new sound that I could only classify close to dub-step. All in all, a crazy amount of diversity.

I like how you mix electronic sounds and 'real' instruments so effectively and make a story for your songs.

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Agitat0r responds:

Thank you for your review!

This is the result of striving for something different. The dubstep/orchestra hybrid was first tried in the more suspension-focused Reborn, my first piece in this album. Turned out people love it and I followed the path. Mixing them is definitely difficult. The beauty of this piece is I was able to mix the softest intro with 2/3 of the nastiest sound together.

Every piece in the album Reborn is a breakthrough in my production. They were created not just for audience to enjoy, but to tell myself that I'm not a forgotten composer, and there are still those who love my creations. Hence it was named as, "Reborn".

Thank you again for your review and follow. :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Although you may be right on improving the synthesis I prefer to look past just the surface and rather the raw music behind a piece. Having said that the composition is excellent. Once the second lead came in, then the 3rd arpeggio lead, then the build, I couldn't resist leaving a good review and some up votes!

JimPMusic responds:

Yeah, I completely agree.

The Synthesis was a goal going in. I still think there's other things that could be improved with this track but I think its better to move on and make the next one better rather than going around in circles with this one.

Thank you very much for your comments anyway. I didn't even realise my music was properly being published on the portal so this is a nice surprise. haha :)